Transforms your Static Digital PDF Files into Interactive Presentations!

Brand your Pageflip'r with your company's look, feel and logo

Instead of promoting the vendor's name or logo that you purchased page flipping technology from and sending them more business - promote your company by customizing your menus, background and adding your logo! Our technology allows you to brand the publication as yours!

Searchable text within your published document

If your document contains typed words (and not outlined fonts) they can be searched and quickly “clicked” to within your published document.

Scrolling linked headlines or crawlers to live RSS feeds

Attention grabbing statements to can be used to announce new products, special promotions, link to other web pages or websites, etc.

Fast loading rich media or videos

Let your e-Publication do the presenting by uploading a video demonstrating the product or service contained on the same page published page.

Internal and External Linking

Help drive your website visitors to specific areas within your online pageflip'r or to another webpage within your website. Fine tune your marketing message by bringing your visitors' eyes to where you want them to see, and lead them to your call to action.

Mobile device ready

Our flippers load on most mobile devices with touch screen page swiping features. Test it at Golden Isles Georgia CVB. And...track the mobile integration with our statistical tracking feature.

Full off-line publication

Most of what is in your publication can be easily downloaded to an off-line version and burned to a CD. This finished CD can be taken with you to trade shows demonstrating your e-Catalog with videos in place on a laptop.

Statistical reporting

You would receive useful statistical reports detailing pages visited, amount of time spent per visit, number of minutes spent visiting each page, etc. to help you measure success and interest in your e-Publications.