Transforms your Static Digital PDF Files into Interactive Presentations!
Page flipping software technology that transforms your static digital PDF files into interactive page turning, Page flipping, web based flash presentations.
Activate your publication and statistically track your visitors' actions, to target their interest with your marketing efforts!
Call it animated catalogs, pageflipper, flipbook flash, flash book flip, flash flipping pages, digital white papers, e-Books, digital presentations, or e-Catalogs – A Pageflip’r publication dramatically enhances your website visitor’s experience.
Our feature rich electronic publishing technology is unmatched within the industry in both affordability and customization to your needs.
Pageflip’r is an authorized Service Provider for Zmags

Zmags is a cutting-edge leader in the digital publishing industry. You benefit in our professional partnership with Zmags by receiving individually priced annual licenses instead of buying a much more expensive block of licenses when going direct.

At Pageflip’r - We have pricing plans that start from a base level e-Publication at $179.00.

You can buy just one publication, not having to commit to several to get affordable pricing. And, we don’t charge for hosting your publication like other sites.

Full customizable interface: include your logos, company colors, etc...

Plus, we help you to create an effective, eye-catching e-Publication that will deliver your marketing message, separating you from your competition.

Improved ROI, spend less and reach more...

There is no better way to increase the success of a marketing campaign than to provide all required information to your targeted group or individual at the time they are most interested. An expensive direct mail piece or printed catalog only reaches your targeted recipient part of the time, and costs much more per sale generated than an electronic version. A static electronic PDF only delivers convenience of emailing or website downloading – cheap but not very effective. An attractive, fully interactive, page turning e-Publication delivers what you want to say, when you want to say it, and to whomever can find you on the internet. With a Pageflip’r publication, you control the message, when you want the message delivered, and track its interest and success.

IMAGINE…a visitor to your website can be viewing a picture of a newly released product while your CEO can be pictured in a video giving audio testimonial to the new product, with a link to click to a specification page located deeper within your publication.

Plus…no more costly corrections of a typo or updates to printed collateral! Your e-publication can be updated within hours allowing quick updates and changes.